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At the end of a busy day at school and activities, the last thing your child needs is to grind his teeth during the night while he should be catching up with a restful night’s sleep. Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can happen by day during times of stress but often emerges at night. There a variety of reasons your child may grind his teeth while sleeping.

Stress—is your child preparing for tests at school? Does he have presentations in front of the class?

A bad bite—misaligned teeth can cause teeth grinding which results in chipped teeth and worn down tooth enamel.

Diet—Is your child eating or drinking a lot of caffeine containing foods and beverages, like colas and chocolate?

Medications—such as antidepressants and amphetamines for ADHD can also cause teeth grinding.

Signs your child might be grinding in his sleep might include frequent headaches, painful about jaw aches, or even getting complaints after a friend sleepover!

There are some effective things you can do if your child does grind his teeth in his sleep.

Reducing stress or managing it with relaxing activities before bedtime, incorporating supplements including calcium, magnesium and pantothenic acid, and possibly wearing a plastic night guard that fits on top of the teeth.

Protecting your child’s teeth might well be one of the easiest aspects (and one of the most important) of the big job of parenting. Please contact Dr. Tamayo at 805-483-9567 if you have any questions or concerns about teeth grinding. We are always here to help!