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The American Dental Assocation recommends that your children see an orthodontist at age seven.

If that age seems early to you, you’re not alone. However, taking your children in to see the orthodontist at that early age has some huge advantages. Let’s take a look at what some of those advantages are.

Speeds up the process

Do you remember how long your experience with braces seemed to drag on? Granted, we always remember unpleasant experiences as being longer than they really were, but if you take your kids to the orthodontist earlier in life, it’ll reduce the amount of time they spend at the orthodontist’s office.

Creates a game plan for treatment

By getting your children in early, this enables Dr. Carlos A. Tamayo to create an effective, quick plan to get your children’s smiles in line as effectively as possible.

Reduces complications

If you wait too long to take your kids to the orthodontist, they may have significant crowding problems due to the growth of adult teeth. Taking them in earlier allows the doctor to get ahead of these issues, minimize the crowding of teeth, and help your children have a straight smile far quicker than if you’d waited to bring them in.

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